Survey Graphics | Survey Graphics Merges with Spectrum Ecology
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Survey Graphics Merges with Spectrum Ecology

Survey Graphics Merges with Spectrum Ecology

Survey Graphics are pleased to announce our recent merger with Spectrum Ecology, effective as of 1 July, 2017. After 30 years at the helm, Peter Scott has decided to take a step back from the rigours of management, and is handing the reins to Dr Cam Mounsey and Dr Matt Macdonald, of Spectrum Ecology. Survey Graphics and Spectrum Ecology already have a well-established professional relationship, having been both supplier and client to each other, and in more recent times, collaborators on large-scale projects. We’re not letting Pete go just yet, however – he will remain with the business in a client liaison and business development role.

Whilst Survey Graphics will continue to provide the same exceptional service and products, we will now also be able to provide you with many new services, particularly in the field of UAV data capture, and environmental monitoring and assessment through remote sensing. For more information on our expanded capabilities, head to Otherwise, please feel free to contact Peter or the Survey Graphics staff. We look forward to introducing you to our new partners.

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