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Environmental Remote Sensing


Many industries and organisations require regular aerial image capture for applications such as planning, engineering, and stockpile volume calculations. But did you know that with just a few tweaks to the specifications, your regular fly-over data can be used to conduct powerful environmental assessments across large geographical extents?

Survey Graphics work together with the Environmental arm of the company, Spectrum Ecology, to provide remote sensing solutions for environmental assessment and monitoring. The experienced ecologists at Spectrum Ecology, led by Dr Matthew Macdonald and Dr Cameron Mounsey, can apply ecological theory and a range of sophisticated image analyses to data acquired and produced by Survey Graphics. Applications include:


– Vegetation condition/change detection

– Vegetation community mapping

– Rehabilitation monitoring

– Species detection

– Precision Agriculture


For more information about how you can leverage off your regular aerial image capture to conduct informative, cost-effective environmental assessments, contact us, or alternatively, visit Spectrum Ecology’s website and the services they provide, at

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