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Map Products and GIS/CAD Services

Map Products


Survey Graphics specialise in the production of highly accurate, 2D orthomosaics and 3D map products, providing survey solutions to the mining, forestry, land development, landfill, exploration, architecture, civil engineering quarrying and surveying industries. Our products include:


– Aerial maps for planning and navigation

– Topographic and contour maps

– 3d surface extraction and volumetric calculations (e.g. stockpiles)

– Geological mapping

– Multispectral orthomosaics for advanced image analyses

GIS and CAD Services


Survey Graphics offers complete end-to-end GIS (Geographic Information System) solutions for most software platforms. All types of mapping and GIS production for any industry is provided in both digital and hardcopy form, including:


– Detail mapping over aerial imagery.

– 3D surface display – contours, feature outline.

– Complete raster to vector data conversion service

– Data base creation, data integration and data analysis functions.

– CAD survey linework conversion to GIS format – ASPEC

– General cartographic mapping of any kind.

– GIS attributing of all types of digital data.

– Cadastral/Tenement boundary display.

– Geological mapping – plan and section.

– Digital data provided in any format and hardcopy production on any medium.

Scanning, Plotting, Laminating


Survey Graphics have facilities for scanning, plotting, and laminating your map products, ideal for producing planning and safety maps for your workplace. Our A1 flat-bed scanner is one of very few in Western Australia, capable of producing highly accurate, high resolution scans, without the distortion associated with conventional roll-scanners.

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